Monday, February 11, 2008



Before I saw this movie, I read the book that title is 'Matilda'. The author,Roald Dahl, is my favorite writer of stories for children, and I really love that story. Movie was also fun. Matilda's family is very different from other family. Most of parents in the world love their children and interested in education, but Matilda's parents didn't know even her age. Her parents seemed to treat their daughter with complete indifference. Also, her parents didn't like to read a book and forced Matilda to don't read a book. While I saw this scene, I brought back my memory about my parents. My parents always recomended to read a book when I was young. Every parents want to show their desirable thing to children, but her family showed their unmoral thing like cheating to Matilda. If I was brought up in her family, I became stupid, mean girl. However, Matilda is different. She likes to read a book and she went to library everyday. She is a smart and brave girl. Even though her family had a bad affect her, she found the desirable way herself. She is amazing !!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

About Garam Mun


My name is Garam Mun. I am 19 years old and I am from Korea. I am university student. My major is law, but I don't want to be lawyer^^;;. I have been in Canada for 2~3 months. I live with my sister now. I want to make a friends in here. my hobby is reading a novel. I want to give you more information about me.

My Favorite ...
fruit: grapefruit
author: Riku Onda
singer: BoA*
actor: Hugh Grant
movie: Pay It Forward
subject: Korean literature
drink: Greean tea

What is Happiness...
I think that Happiness could made by myself. Even though I am in a bad situation, I can be happy. If I want to overcome that situation and try to overcome, I can overcome and be happy.
In my opinion, the most important thing is having optimistic mind.